Reagandoodle and Little Buddy Welcome Baby by Michal Sparks, Sandi Swiridoff, Wendy Dunham




The Whole World Smiles When a Baby Comes Home

Baby Girl has arrived! And no one is more excited than Reagandoodle and Little Buddy!

Reagan can’t wait to tell you all the things he and his best friend are learning about Baby Girl, like when to be quiet around her, how to help out, and of course, how to love her— which is what Reagandoodle and Little Buddy do best.

Little ones adjusting to being big brothers and sisters for the first time will be able to experience all that comes with having a new baby at home through the eyes of a dog and his toddler best friend, making the transition of having a new sibling even smoother.

Let this cheerful trio warm your heart and bring a smile to your day!

Reagandoodle and Little Buddy Welcome Baby by Michal Sparks;Sandi Swiridoff;Wendy Dunham was published by Harvest House Publishers in February 2019